What we offer

30 minute Forest Trek 

30 minutes  £20
A 30 minute forest trek, a great session for kids and those looking for a taster session to horse riding.  We have over 35 horses to choose from, ranging from two miniature Shetlands to Clydesdales.

Pony Pals

1 hour  £30 Pony Pals involves half an hour grooming followed by a half an hour forest trek, great for kids wanting to learn a little bit more about the ponies and get hands on.

Themed Pony Pals

1 hour £35 Involves half an hour using their magic to turn the pony in to a unicorn, dinosaur, cowboy or Indian followed by half an hour riding this rare animal in the forest.

1 hour Forest Trek

1 hour £35  For those wanting a little longer to explore the peaceful forest on horseback. Even if you're trying it for the first time or getting back in the saddle, why not come join us for this hour long forest trek.

1 hour Intermediate Trek

1 hour £37
The intermediate trek combines walking and trotting for those who are a little more experienced, allowing you to explore even more of the forest.

1 hour 30 minutes Advanced Trek

1 hour 30 minutes £49 A trek for our advanced riders who can walk, trot and canter to explore the forest at a faster pace.

Gift Vouchers 

We also have gift vouchers for that unique gift. They can be for your desired amount.